Elasto Mania stuff

by Smibu


Elmanager is a tool for managing Elasto Mania replays and levels. Most important features include replay/level searching and viewing and a level editor.

SLE (level editor)
Replay viewer
Replay manager

Download Elmanager Changelog Source code

System requirements

Windows 7/8/10.

Elmanager also works in Wine (see below).


Unzip Elmanager.zip to any directory, such as C:. Program settings are saved in this directory.

Additional steps required to run in Wine

The following steps are for Ubuntu 18.04. (Warning: this is untested with the latest version of Elmanager.)

  1. Install the latest stable version of Wine.
  2. Run sudo apt install -y winetricks winbind.
  3. Run winetricks -q dotnet40 corefonts. If it asks to install Mono and/or Gecko, click Install. For some reason, it may ask twice to install Gecko - just click Install in both cases.

Tutorials and guides

Videos by users

Title Date Author
Smibu’s Level Editor (SLE) tutorial 23.4.2021 Lousku
Trippy Apples 24.3.2021 jonsta
How to easily make Roller Coasters 16.3.2021 Pab
Making untested battle levels 15.3.2021 jonsta
Making DAFF383 (no audio) 12.8.2019 danitah
Making tiny 126-132 (no audio, real time) 28.7.2019 danitah
FancyPic - hqFAN999.lev 8.3.2019 iCS
Making 6m9levs7.lev [Real Time, No Audio] 20.2.2019 danitah
Picture-to-polygon tricks 11.2.2019 iCS
Adding randomish glitchy decoration to a level 11.2.2019 iCS
fast First Finish battle making. Thief method 7.1.2019 jblaze
fast First Finish battle making. Paint method 7.1.2019 jblaze
daff348 - level making timelapse & First Finish battle 8.5.2018 iCS
Making Lev #02 (Sped up) 10.12.2017 danitah
Making Lev #01 8.12.2017 danitah
roope making FF lev #2 26.9.2016 roope
roope making FF lev #1 26.9.2016 roope
BaSk0256 making of 29.4.2016 skint0r
BaSk0242: Making of 21.10.2015 skint0r
Real time level making of mwb1434 21.3.2015 Mawane
Making of LeMaFF01 with SLE 25.11.2014 Mawane
Making of a slalom star with SLE 23.11.2014 Mawane
24 Hour Levelpack (Levelmaking Timelapse) 26.10.2014 danitah
SLE tips #1 - Reducing Vertices in a Polygon (Updated) 17.8.2014 danitah
333 dauto001 Replays 5.8.2014 danitah
Making of eolda496 and talli winrec 1.8.2014 danitah
Making of eolda494 and TL winrec 26.7.2014 danitah
Making quick FT lev 7.3.2014 danitah
Making of mwff102 with radslevmaker 21.2.2014 Mawane
Making of mwb0910 (Headbanger) with tk_quantumlev 21.2.2014 Mawane
Making of mawpi560 with SLE 1.11.2011 Mawane
Merge of all MLP001 (Meli-Melo) replays I’ve got 5.1.2010 Mawane


Replay manager

  • Replay searching with many parameters
    • Internal/external replays
    • Finished/unfinished replays
    • Singleplayer/multiplayer replays
    • Replays driven in Across/Elma levels
    • Replays whose time matches the specified range
    • Replays driven in specified levels
    • Replays with wrong level version
    • Replays with a missing level file
    • Replays whose filename matches the specified regular expression
    • Replays whose appletakes/left volts/right volts/supervolts/turns/groundtouches match the specified ranges
  • Duplicate replay search
  • Duplicate filename search
  • Fastest/slowest replay search (return only one replay per level)
  • Replay renaming
  • Replay mass renaming using pattern
  • Replay list that displays properties of replays
    • Filename
    • Filename of level
    • Time
    • Whether the replay is finished/unfinished
    • Multiplayer/singleplayer
    • Whether the level exists for the replay
    • Whether the level version is wrong
    • Hover mouse cursor above a replay to show more information (appletakes, left volts, etc.)
  • Replay viewer
    • Watch as many players in the same level as you want simultaneously
    • Choose LGR file in configuration window to play the replay with same graphics as in game
    • Customizable colors for apples, killers, active/inactive player, flower, start object, driving lines, ground and sky
    • Event list displaying the selected events for selected player
    • Fullscreen mode
  • Replay comparison
    • Compare replays by apples or groundtouches
  • Open level file of a replay with the default program
  • Save properties of selected replays to a text file
  • Merge two singleplayer replays to a multiplayer replay

Level manager

  • Search levels
    • File name
    • Best time (single/multi)
    • Number of replays
    • Number of grass/ground polygons/vertices
    • Nicknames in best times
    • Number of (gravity up/down/left/right) apples/killers/flowers
  • Delete selected times from top 10
  • View replays in a level

Level editor (SLE)

  • Create pipes
  • Create ellipses
  • Continuous topology checking
  • Frame polygons
  • Cut/connect polygons
  • Smoothen/unsmoothen polygons
  • Lock mouse horizontally or vertically
  • Transform selection
  • Autograss
  • Quickgrass (apply autograss to all polygons)
  • Undo/redo
  • Grid, snap to grid
  • Mirror level
  • Polygon boolean operations (union, difference, intersection, symmetric difference)
  • Create text with almost any system font
  • Many customizable options (e.g. colors)

Advanced Level Editor 2.1 patch

This patch fixes various bugs for Advanced Level Editor 2.1 (ALE). The patch was made with OllyDbg 1.10.

Note that this patch does not fix all known bugs in ALE.

Download patch

Latest update: 29th December 2009


Replace the old executable file with the new one in the zip.

List of fixed bugs

  • Crash when trying to delete last polygon
  • Access violation in “Replace to” -function
  • Saving level file as too long
  • Program exits when pressing X (thus, you weren’t able to type it anywhere)
  • Other small fixes